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Maze Patterns Drinks Coaster Set


Add flair to your tabletop with our captivating Maze Coaster Set – an essential for those who love a touch of fun in their home accessories! This set includes five maze coasters, each measuring 95mm in diameter and meticulously designed to bring an element of fun to your beverage enjoyment.

When mounted in the included holder, measuring 100mm x 95mm x 41mm, these coasters make a stylish statement on any coffee table or counter top. With their sleek design and intricate maze patterns, they not only protect your surfaces but also provide endless entertainment for guests.

Available in five stunning colour options – Powerful Primary, Masterful Monochrome, Gracious Gold, Captivating Copper, and Radiant Rainbow – there's a hue to suit every decor scheme and personal preference.

While these coasters are perfect for cold beverages, cocktails and ceramic cups/mugs, please note they are not suitable for use with glass or metal cups when containing boiling water.

Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a quiet moment at home, our Maze Coaster Set promises to spark conversation and delight guests with its unique charm. Upgrade your coaster game and infuse your space with a dash of sophistication – because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?